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Our Partners

We, at CABEL recognize that we could not effectively  provide our services and deliver our programs without working with our many partners in the community-at-large.  CABEL is fully committed to establishing and cultivating working/sharing relationships to create collaborative efforts that allow all participants to attain their organizational goals as well as meet the needs of the communities we serve.  As a young developing non-profit, we feel we can greatly learn from all of our partners.


Without the generous support of our funders and donors (financial and in-kind contributions), we could not adequately sustain our mission nor meet the challenges and needs of the many youth, individuals and families we serve.  Like many community-based organizations, funders and donors are integral components of  our ability to grow with the community-at-large.  It is with pride and heartfelt enthusiasm that we, at CABEL, acknowledge those who believe and support our mission.

  • Donna Coston, Md

  • Council Member Harry Thomas, Jr., Ward Five

  • District Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation

  • District of Columbia Department of Human Services

  • District of Columbia Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development

  • Escheated Estates

  • Ronald Hansen, Va

  • Hasbro, Inc.

  • HEW Credit Union

  • Shamir Patel, DC

  • Countrywide Bank

  • Bank of America



Washington, DC 

  •  H.D. Woodson Senior High School 

  •  Academy of Business & Finance,

  •   Anacostia Senior high School

  •   Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts

  •  Kelly Miller Middle School

  •  Perry School Community Services Center, Inc.

  •   SAIL (Students, Arts in Learning) School

  •   Youth Services Center, Washington

Montgomery County, Maryland

  • Bethesda Chevy Chase High School

  • Julius West Middle School

  • Piney Branch Elementary School

  • Winston Churchill High School






  • Operation Hope

  • Foundation Center



Washington, DC

  • Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB)

  • Coalition for Economic Empowerment

  • DC Saves, Washington

  • DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation

  • Falconsedge Male Task Force

  • Financial Literacy (FLAME)

  • Foundation Center, Washington, DC

  • Franklin Housing Teen Center, Ward Five

  • Jump$tart Coalition

  • Langdon Park Community Center, Ward Five

  • National Center for Children and Families

  • National Organization of Concerned Black Men (CBM)

  • OASIS Community Empowerment and Development Corporation

  • Opportunities Industrialization Center of DC (OIC/DC)

  • Perry School Community Services Center, Inc.

  • Thurgood Marshall Center Trust, Inc.

  • Trinidad Recreation Center, Ward Five

  • Turkey Thicket Recreation Center, Ward Five




  • Council Member Harry Thomas, Jr., Ward Five, District of Columbia

  • District of Columbia Department of Human Services

  • District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation

  • District of Columbia Office of Partnership and Grants Development

  • District of Columbia Public School, Out-of-School-Time Office


  • CitiBank, Washington, DC

  • Hasbro, Inc.

  • HEW Credit Union, Alexandria, VA

  • The Prometheus Company, Washington, DC

  • Community of Veterans Employment Training & Services




  • DC Fatherhood Initiative

  • Financial Literacy Fitness for Older Youth Summer Program, Ward Seven

  • Financial Literacy Fitness for Youth Summer Program, Ward Five

  • Financial Literacy Initiative for Youth in Ward Five

  • Financial Literacy for Youth in Selected District Public Schools

  • “Get with the Financial Smarts Program  - You Can Do It!” in Selected Libraries

Funders/Donors (Financial and In-Kind)





Community Based Organizations

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