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Our Team

Board of Directors

The members of CABEL’s Board of Directors are individuals who are dedicated to our mission and providing the community-at-large opportunities to receive comprehensive Financial Literacy education that will help them in their personal financial decisions with regard to their future as well as that if youth.

Ervin C. Owens, Chair        

Founder/CEO, CABEL Foundation

David Giulieri
Sr. Vice President, Citigroup Smith Barney


John Holt, Treasurer  
Founder/CFO, The Prometheus Co.

Will Purcell

Advisor, Cabel Consultants


Kim Buckner Patton

Director of the Foundation Center

North East


Michael C Hyman

Research Analyst, National Association of Realtors

Ronald Bolden Jr

Head of Strategic Partnerships, ​ShyMarketing, LLC





Advisory Board

Aaron Brachman
Sr. Investment Executive
Ferris, Baker & Watts, Inc

Peter Thompson
Financial Advisor
CitiGroup Smith Barney

Keith J. Harrison
Sr. Partner
Cromwell & Moring


Donna Grigsby

Vice President, Community Development Manager

TD Bank


Marie Hightower


Vice President and Branch Manager


Jena Roscoe

First Senior Vice President

Government Relations And Public Policy

Operation Hope



Jon Clifton

Managing Director of Gallup World Poll



Jamila Barber
M&T Bank
Grants Manager

Monique R. Nelson

Department of Treasury

Gift Unit and Tour Program Coordinator



Todd Elliott

Grant Writer Consultant



Edward Sia

Project Director

Financial Services Volunteer cooperation



Marjorie DuVall

Software Test Engineer

Northrop Gurmman



Greg Evans


National Cyber Security University

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