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Volunteer Opportunities

CABEL recognizes the importance and need for volunteers.  Our volunteers help us serve the community-at-large, with their expertise and talents as well as their belief and commitment to our mission.  We are looking for volunteers for the following positions:

                    1) Instructors
                    2) Mentors
                    3) Outreach Staff
                    4) Administrative Staff
                    5) Fund Raising 

Guest Speakers

CABEL is always looking for individuals in the For and Non-Pofit Industries to visit our participants as guest speakers to discuss services and products as well as career opportunities, to include basic educational and industry requirements.

CABEL is designing a CAREER DAY component to its Financial Literacy program for older youth and adults.  We would be delighted to include business, government, community-based/non-profit, the arts representatives to participate in our program.

Referral Resource Program

Many of our participants face health, housing, legal and social challenges that require the assistance and guidance of agencies that focus on delivering such services and products.  CABEL is delighted to provide a clearing house-like service by providing our participants with a Referral Resource Guide as a reference tool to reach out to service providers who can assist them.

Policy Campaign

CABEL recognizes that Financial Literacy should be a standard in our schools and communities across our country.  To effectively address many of the financial woes many of our participants face, we need to call upon decision makers at all levels of government to establish policies that will empower citizens with sound logical Financial Literacy education to prepare them to be more responsible consumers as well as managers of their money and financial future.  

We hope to initiate a email/letter writing campaign to request elected officials to recognize the importance of Financial Literacy in our lives, encouraging and motivating them to consider legislative policies that will require Financial Literacy education as a standard in classroom instruction as well as to recipients who receive financial assistance of any kind.

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